Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vegan Ice Cream!

I used to love ice cream. But I have to really watch out for added hormones in my diet. And cow's milk definitely has hormones. But I won't miss it at all thanks to a fabulous discovery that I have recently made. Coconut Milk ice cream from Purely Decadent. And this stuff lives up to that name. Yum. Yum. Triple Yum. And it isn't even made with sugar! It uses agave syrup for sweetener, so it's low glycemic. And most are gluten free too(probably not the cookie dough version, though). The truly important thing, however, is that it is rich, smooth, creamy, and ultra tasty and just as good, and, I think, even better than regular ice cream.

Of course, I will allow for the possibility that not having eaten hardly any regular ice cream for two years may not qualify me to make a comparison, but I can for certain assure you that it is a thousand times better than soy or rice ice cream.

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