Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kicking it back into gear

I haven't posted a blog entry for awhile because, well, frankly I sort of lost steam after my mother-in-law passed away in June. I originally started this blog as a means of, hopefully, providing her with some inspiration and ideas for staying healthy through cancer treatment, but she got sick so quickly that, I really don't think she even saw more than one or two of the posts, and I really didn't have much heart to keep writing.

I also lost some steam in other ways. Two years ago I was walking every day despite being robbed of energy from chemo, and I was downright enthusiastic for awhile about going to yoga three times a week as soon as I was healed from surgery. But it's funny how you can let those things slip away. This summer, I've been lucky to make it to yoga once a week. And as for walking? Well, lets just say that the dog gets ecstatic if I bring out the leash. Why do I let exercise fall by the wayside when things get busy? Why don't I make the time for it? I have seen and felt what a great cost cancer has. I know from all the research that I've done that exercise is one of the key links in keeping my own cancer from returning. I know I feel great when I do exercise, and when I don't get frequent exercise, all the little back pains I've experienced over the years start coming back!

There really is no excuse for it other than pure laziness. So, earlier today, I decided that I needed to be excited about exercise again. Maybe by putting my goal in writing for all the world to see will be the motivation I need to keep myself focused and kick myself back into gear. They say it takes about 3 days for something to become a habit. So lets see if I can make this a daily habit again. I'll let you know in 3 days!

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