Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Healing Journey Begins

And so it begins. I had my first chemo infusions yesterday. This was a day for all four drugs I'm getting, so Lanny and I showed up at the U of M Masonic Center at 8 AM and ready for action accompanied by every manner of electronic device possible to while away the hours.  This first visit was a temporary location for us, and we were there only because they did not have room for me at the oncology clinic I will normally go to.  They didn't want to waste a single day before getting me started.

The first day always takes longer than normal because they have to allow slower infusions and watch periods in between drugs to make sure that you do not have an adverse reaction.  They also do premeds before each infusion to help you tolerate the drugs better such as Benadryl and steroids.  I am happy to report I did not have any adverse reactions, except for about 10 minutes where my mouth felt like I had been walking through the Sahara desert for hours with no water.

Lanny kept me company all the while and brought in Chinese food so that I did not have to eat the hospital grade "turkey" sandwich that was offered.  I kept up on work emails, texted with a few friends, and napped a fair bit (I defy you to stay awake when you've had IV Benadryl).  We finally finished about 3:00 still feeling good.  I felt well enough to go our for a walk with Jasper when he got home, and I even did a bunch of laundry. Steroids are amazing things.

I, of course, am not leaving things up to just the chemo. Cancer cells can't proliferate in healthy terrain, and they can't thrive in the midst of Killer T-Cells. So, I'm eating all manner of vegetables and exercising as much as I can. I felt fine this morning so I went to a yoga class, and I'm now drinking an awesome juice concoction made with the ingredients below (romaine, kale, carrots, beets, ginger, half apple, tangerine, lemon):

I do feel a palpable presence in my lungs, and the nodes and spots seem to be pressing on certain areas.  I'm hopeful that, as the chemo begins to work it's terrible magic, it will be something I can feel changing.  At the very least, I seem to be coughing less than I was previously, so maybe it is already starting.

The results from round one:  DeAnn: 1   Monster: 0


  1. The monster has no chance. No chance at all. Thank you for your update, DeAnn.

  2. Lovely array of healing ingredients, battle worthy. Prayers are ongoing. Your update inspires. LOVE YOU!

  3. Deann, your positive attitude, your tone, everything, are BEYOND inspiring. You exemplify living intentionally, fully, wholeheartedly. I stand in awe and admiration.