Monday, January 18, 2016

Positive Emotions

Today, I was reading about what science is learning regarding the benefits of yoga, mediation and prayer on the human body, and I was struck by the following paragraph:

Scientists over at the HeartMath Institute have demonstrated that when a person is feeling really good, and is full of positive emotions like love, gratitude, and appreciation, their heart beats out a different message that’s encoded in its electromagnetic field, which in turn has positive health effects on their body overall. You can read more about that here.

As a practicing yogi, I've long been aware of the deep connection between our mental state and our physical state.  Yoga philosophy is all about integrating mind, body, and spirit, but it's easy to forget. When I don't feel especially good, or I am feeling a bit tired, it's tempting to just say "No, I don't think I'll get on my mat today. I'll just sit here and browse the web or read a book."  But, it seems that's exactly the wrong impulse. It never makes me more energetic. It never makes me feel better. 

Do you want to hear something interesting?  I've had a cough for about three months now due to the nodes in my lungs.  It becomes worse when I've been talking a lot or I walk out into the cold air.  Do you want to know when I never, ever cough? It just so happens, that the only time I never cough at all is when I'm teaching a yoga class.  

Isn't that curious that, even though I am exerting myself, even though I am talking nonstop all the while, I never cough, and I always feel good.  I sometimes will cough a little right afterwards, but during the class, I just don't have the impulse. It's almost as though I forget that I have a chronic cough.  Perhaps I am so very much in the moment when guiding a class, that there is no room for anything else.  Perhaps the guided breathing I offer calms my nervous system.  Or maybe, the love and gratitude and appreciation I have for the energy of my students makes my heart beat out a different message to my lungs. 

I am so overwhelmed each day with love and gratitude for all the wonderful human beings in my life. Your generosity and kindness fills up my heart. If love and gratitude can make a difference in curing illness, if those emotions make my heart send out healing messages to my body, then those cancer cells simply do not stand a chance. They are going to collapse from the vibrations.  Thank you, for making my heart beat so strongly. 


  1. Thank you for leading the way, giving each of us further direction, reminders of what we know is important. You are loved, treasured, and may it ever be so. Here's to healing in whatever doses it may come.

  2. DeAnn:
    You are such an inspiration for all of us! I have never tried yoga but I am going to look up a class! I really miss you!