Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sharing the Journey

When I was in cancer treatment, I lost all my hair, but was so very curious about when it would come back and how long it would take. What would it look like at 4 weeks? How about 3 months? 5 months?

I found a few pictures here and there, but I wanted more. When my hair started to grow back, I decided to document the progress so that I could share it with others. A friend of mine helped me to put together an interactive photo gallery, and it became something more than just a series of pictures. It's really a walk through my whole cancer journey, using my hair as benchmarks. I wrote and recorded a song to accompany it, and I hope that one day, someone just like me will be able to find these pictures when they need them and get the hope and strength they need at that moment in time.


1 comment:

  1. Just saw the gallery, DeAnn. It's beautifully done and I am smitten with the amazing, strong woman it portrays.

    I love you.